Geocities and Compuserve to Close - do you care?

Yahoo has finally decided to bury its dreadful Geocities free websites. Finally! If I see a URL with geocities in it I generally avoid it. To be assaulted by their crappy adverts and pop-ins on every page is just no fun. With the growth of blogs there really is no excuse for anyone to use such a user-unfriendly service. Surprised it has taken Yahoo so long to bury this great idea from the 1990s.

Compuserve is also adding itself to the dinosaur graveyard. I'm not even sure what their primary objective is these days. I remember it from the days of private networks like AOL, CIX (even the URL is parked!) Claranet and so on. The idea was to dial into the network and you then got access to whole internet as part of the package. I never saw the point. perhaps London has been fortunate in always having cheap no-thrills direct internet access. These companies should have gone into managing corporate intranets.

I can't say I'll miss either Geocities or Compuserve. Will you?

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