Hackers Arrested in China After Gaming Feud Causes Major Outage

Four individuals have been arrested in China after an alleged denial-of-service "war" between underground gaming services spun out of control, according to Xinhua News Agency.

The suspects allegedly launched a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack against the servers of DNSPod, a Chinese DNS provider and domain registrar. This was motivated by fierce competition between unauthorized online gaming service providers, which lure gamers from official providers with less limited and free access. In order to sabotage "competitors," the suspects began an attack against DNSPod, which provides access to some of those unauthorized gaming sites. Unfortunately DNSPod servers are also used by Baofeng, a very popular video streaming service. As video requests were denied they were passed on to higher level servers causing a chain reaction as these servers didn't know how to handle the requests.

This actually seems an odd story. The DDoS attack was one thing, but the outage was due to rubbish software of Baofeng - who have since recalled their junkware. The authorities are laughing as it will speed up the erection of China's private intranet so that Chinese citizens can sleep safely in the knowledge they will only be hacked by their compatriots.
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