Full Body Scanners at Heathrow and Coming to Your Airport Soon

Full body scanners are now part of airport security at both Heathrow and Manchester airports. Another step in Britain's march towards renaming itself Airstrip One. The usual pros and cons are tediously aired in the Daily Mail article's comments. There are, however, some ludicrous official guidelines on their use. Passengers are chosen at random for a full body scan, and this now includes children, but we are assured that people will not be targetted because of creed or colour - perhaps only those that merely look suspicious. If you refuse to reveal yourself you will be barred from boarding your flight. I figure it won't be long before such scans are as compulsory as metal detector scans and x-rays. Britain is also the perfect police state experiment as there is nowhere to go without boarding a plane - nowhere worth going to, anyway. The scaremongering about "boob bombs" obviously worked and interesting to see the two articles separated by mere days when in reality these scanners have been tested for a while.

One solution to all this invasion of personal space is to be a good citizen and get yourself tagged with an RFID implant so you can be tracked everywhere you go, the beauty being that you will never notice. It'll come... sooner rather than later.

from Xomba.

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